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Month: September 2007

Social Media: Evolution to Execution – PROMO Live presentation

Today I had the honor of moderating a panel on social media with some of my favorite thought leaders in the blogosphere. While I am very tired, I wanted to get the presentation posted…and will be updating this post with thoughts of the last two incredible days I’ve had with fellow blogger and social media geeks (we may have described ourselves as such after a few Stella’s…find a twitter feed or two, you’ll understand). Once again, thanks to all who were involved.

David Armano
Noah Brier
Rohit Bhargava
Matt Dickman

The slides from the discussion –


Blog house cleaning – what i’m listening to, upcoming notices, personal notes

I know, I promised myself I’d get better at blogging. But behaviors are hard to change. Still, I’m going to try to focus one post a week from here on out. Today might be a two, three post day. We’ll see.

I have about 30-40 mp3 blogs I try to browse through and I go in music phases..and I’m just starting up a new music phase. I love discovery new music, so I thought I would mention a few of the favorites over the last couple of weeks. You can find most of these songs through the Hype Machine.

Love Astronaut by Murder Mystery : I shouldn’t mention this song…because it describes my current love life a little too articulately. Still, has a nice hook. i guesss i’m floating says “It’s the sort of fresh pop sound that almost gives the instruments a Fantasia-like animation; bass, guitar, and the persistent electronic rhythm chirping back and forth to one another in an outlandish conversation.”

MGMT : This band is mp3-blogosphere hot…for good reason. Anything by them is great. You Aint No Picasso mentions “Anyways, they just put up a new tune called “Weekend Wars” that I haven’t stopped listening to for the past half hour.”

Forever Indebted – Shout Out Out Out : This song has been in replay just a tad too much. Dig it. From Awesome Until Proven Guilty “”Shout out out out out = two drummers + four bass players + two samplers + five synthesizers + five cowbells + two octapads + one vocoder.” Awesomez!”

Misophone : Look, just track down songs from this band. You’ll cook and drink wine and play them in the back ground. It will make you happy and she’ll think your cool with good music taste.

The Optimist – Emma Pollock: Erie..calming…warm blanket…I would date her. The layers of darkness really give way to a positive message. Daily Growl says “What you will find is an album to warm the soul, and which will bring fresh understated pleasure with every listen.”

We Are Gods! We Are Wolves! – Le Loup: All I do is listen to this song. Instrumental Analysis says “One of the most interesting albums to grace your ears in a long time, this release is good all the way through.”

So besides music, I’ve really started to get into taking pictures. I’m currently fascinated at horizon views of distance…or something, whatever. Basically, I like taking pictures that ask the viewer to look deep into the picture. Yes, I have no idea what I’m talking about. I’m working on articulating my photography…bare with me. But I like this pic. I know, B&W…I’m artsy. (click link for better effect?)

nice forrest

Other than that…

likemind.min is this Friday.

And I’m working on two secret projects of my own accord. I have no idea if they are actually going to work, but I need to start doing something more than just career stuff. Teaser – hopefully I’ll be on a tv dial/youtube soon.


Experiencing the Market…our brand/marketing/advertising roots

Neal and Norman Sawyer of Sawyer Beef

A couple of weekends ago I was back home on the family farm. The farm I grew up on…you could say was an early adopter farm (not surprising). My father was one of the first farmers to use no-til style crop management. And for as long as I can remember, we’ve always raised pretty much organic beef. Beef that is corn/grass/hay fed with no drugs, hormones, antibiotics etc. – clean meat. We’ve sold this beef to family and friends over the years. And now for the first time, with the help of my brother, the farm is branching out to sell our beef to more than just family/friends. In doing so, they now take Sawyer Beef to the local farmer’s markets every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning. So while I was home, I went to market. I put on the Sawyer Beef shirt and with sold meat from our trailer (which has working freezers).

And this is where I experienced the market…the conversation. The distinction between what social media is and conversational marketing. The bear bones of selling a product you believe to passing customers. And I think this is something we all need to do, as advertisers etc., is to get out from behind our big budgets, millions of people marketing and get down to the street level where it all happens.

I plan on updating this post…because I’m still reflecting on exactly the experience I had at the market.

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