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Month: April 2008

Ramblings on ‘experience’

This started as a quick comment on Paul’s blog…and started rambling enough that I wanted to post it here…if anyone else has reactions/ramblings on the topic.

Ok, While I haven’t read the report yet…I will…my first gut reaction is that the ‘people will be buying experiences’ isn’t new. I’ve seen that in a couple of different places for awhile. What puzzles me is when/why did this become new? Of course it is about the experiences…but then again, it is how you define experiences.

Is experience –

1) I want to make sure I am cool, so if I buy a red piece of gum because everyone else is I will have the experience of feeling ‘in’

2) I actually need some decent gum, umm, red gum, it was a good product, i had a pleasant experience, it met my needs to chew and flavor

3) I’m buying red gum because MTV told me to. Which could be just like #1…but in my mind they are kind of different. One is because you experience others around you, the other is a manufactured brand.

Now getting past the experience thing for a bit…I’ve talked about it before, how people are defining themselves by their media and experiences, not their tangible goods. So where does a brand experience fit into that? Have a good product, tell that product’s story.

I think what we really are experiencing is the death of manufactured brand experience.

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testing beatport player

update: this is kind of weak…thought it would play entire tracks.

Go to Get These Tracks Add This Player

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So I guess this advertising thing is going to really take off…

Browsing my feeds this morning found AdPulp passing along a Wall Street Journal article that ads that are targeted to the consumer, the consumer is 1/3 less likely to change the channel. Hot. So this whole thing about knowing your audience might pay off. I wonder if this study could be the foundation to a larger engagement study.

And speaking of this advertising working, found via and e-bay seller making his own ads (selling nice big jugs). Wonder how long before 1000s of ebay powerusers start doing this? And when they’ll buy online ad units to push their ads? Hmmm…but there is a business model in their somewhere.

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