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Month: April 2008

Leave a comment vs. Google Chatback

So here is the problem I have with Chatback…I want others to see what others had to say, I want people to add to the conversation. While ‘chatting’ would be nice…it doesn’t capture the conversation.

With that said, here is my Chatback badge…give it a chat…because hey, it’s not like I don’t need another distraction at work.


Getting into Ted Talks

Not having tv I’ve had to find other sources of video entertainment to consume when I come home late at night and need to un-plug the head for a bit. Here is one I re-watched a couple of days ago. It was a little too late to really get the wrap my head around how I would evolve her chat into my space…but I think there are some interesting tid bits in her chat.

(yes, this is a re-post…lost the original)

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