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Twitter Updates for 2007-08-06

  • @kalisurfer @craigboy @danwall88 – your storm trooper fantasies come true… #
  • @MattDickman – for zoning out trance, i like player playing fatboy slim similar artists station #
  • @girlie88 who’s big pimpin’ now? #
  • @craigboy @heyitsnoah @mayormike wtf… found via@arielwaldman #

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Twitter Updates for 2007-08-05

  • It still has a few bugs and not a whole lot of content yet, but here is my new blog – Check back after a month or so… #
  • twitter tools is pretty cool…now if I could only get the flash twitter badge to use my default blog layout…anyone help? beer in payment? #
  • @heyitsnoah – just emailed you a nice summertime wake up song…let me know if you dig it #
  • @luismenendez – thanks for the blog comment. i’m finally getting my blog together, not much of a coder/hacker. #
  • @kalisurfer – #
  • agreeing with Noah that Justice album is a good summer dance along (really dig D.A.N.C.E) #
  • @kalisurfer where is the badge on your blog, link? (need to steal the code) #
  • I’m sharing – Librarians Blogging And The Birth Of Library 2.0 #

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Sharing the Harley-Davidson experience

With the ‘Age of Conversation‘ coming of…well..age, brands have been asking – how do we [brands, brand communication] engage in consumer’s conversations? I’ve always believed in a couple simple rules of thumb in engaging consumers with brand conversational/social media communications;

1 – give consumers something to talk about
2 – give consumers a place to talk

One of the best conversational bits you can give consumers to talk about is a brand experience. Let them get involved in the essence or what makes the brand what the brand is. Now, given, that is not always the easiest thing to do. But one client at my current agency has taken some giant steps lately to sharing it’s brand and the experience that comes with the brand with consumers.

The team that is working on doing this has done a great job letting consumer peek into the Harley-Davidson world and the DNA that makes up the brand. They created a live feed google gadget/widget and banner from Sturgis. For those who don’t know, thousands of Harley-Davidson riders descend upon the city of Sturgis once a year to gather and be a part of all things Harley-Davidson. The live gadget lets consumers from all over the world lets them see just what this event is, what this gathering of Harley-Davidson community is all about. This is a great step to giving the consumers something to experience, something to talk about.

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Widgets, we will get along

I have to say, I’m really starting to dig using widgets.

Well, I think I have a blog in decent shape. Now, on to posting.

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