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Leave a comment vs. Google Chatback

So here is the problem I have with Chatback…I want others to see what others had to say, I want people to add to the conversation. While ‘chatting’ would be nice…it doesn’t capture the conversation.

With that said, here is my Chatback badge…give it a chat…because hey, it’s not like I don’t need another distraction at work.


Getting into Ted Talks

Not having tv I’ve had to find other sources of video entertainment to consume when I come home late at night and need to un-plug the head for a bit. Here is one I re-watched a couple of days ago. It was a little too late to really get the wrap my head around how I would evolve her chat into my space…but I think there are some interesting tid bits in her chat.

(yes, this is a re-post…lost the original)

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Social Media Articulated

I’ve been thinking/saying something like this for a while…but never got it articulated like this. From My Infocalypse

Social media is just humanity, magnified by technology, and not an industry or ’space’.

At time I’ve pulled my hair out because of how people either mis-used or forgot the ‘social’ in Social Media (treated it too much like another channel) and didn’t stop to consider that the ‘media’ was the conversation…not some type of published content (like in the traditional magazine sense).

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When will pressure change behavior? Pushing a message to the obvious.

Some quick thoughts on my bus ride in this morning…

When will gas prices and economic pressures change peoples behavior?
Maybe I’m just been looking in the wrong places but I would have thought by now we would been reading studies and stories about how Americans are changing their driving behaviors. Or I would have more bus friends. I’m just not seeing it, wondering when the tipping points hits and what it will be.

Messages to the obvious. I know having peace marches is important…but having them in the middle of Uptown Minneapolis is preaching to the crowd. How about peace marches is the middle of a suburb neighborhood where people need to think about it. I think about advertising this way…who do we really need to show our message to.

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