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Experiencing the Market…our brand/marketing/advertising roots

Neal and Norman Sawyer of Sawyer Beef

A couple of weekends ago I was back home on the family farm. The farm I grew up on…you could say was an early adopter farm (not surprising). My father was one of the first farmers to use no-til style crop management. And for as long as I can remember, we’ve always raised pretty much organic beef. Beef that is corn/grass/hay fed with no drugs, hormones, antibiotics etc. – clean meat. We’ve sold this beef to family and friends over the years. And now for the first time, with the help of my brother, the farm is branching out to sell our beef to more than just family/friends. In doing so, they now take Sawyer Beef to the local farmer’s markets every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning. So while I was home, I went to market. I put on the Sawyer Beef shirt and with sold meat from our trailer (which has working freezers).

And this is where I experienced the market…the conversation. The distinction between what social media is and conversational marketing. The bear bones of selling a product you believe to passing customers. And I think this is something we all need to do, as advertisers etc., is to get out from behind our big budgets, millions of people marketing and get down to the street level where it all happens.

I plan on updating this post…because I’m still reflecting on exactly the experience I had at the market.