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Blog Action Day – My Car-less experience

A quick note before heading to bed. I’ve been car-less for over two years now. Yes, getting rid of a car was by choice.

There are many ups and downs to not having a car in Minneapolis. This town is currently not the best car-less friendly town in the world. But I’m making do. I have stories of how cold it gets walking to get a carton of milk in the middle of winter. And I could share saving gas money, insurance money, how I’m helping cut down polluting.

But you know what I like the most about not having a car – figuring out how to get there. Sure, the challenge can be a pain in the ass. Like in the middle of winter. But when I do get, or ask (which I try to keep at a very minimum) to get a ride…I love the experience. Sharing just a little moment of people helping each other out. The idle chatter we share in the ride to where ever it is. I think sometimes cars isolate us as humans so much we forget the little interactions. And that’s why I like not having a car.