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Mess of thoughts on effective mass brand communication using social media (kind of)

I’ve just been wanting to get some of this out –

Catching up on a couple of my daily read blogs that I hadn’t been reading daily came across a post of Rohit’s which lead me to his personal Facebook for his work and upcoming book (I think having his own group was clever). Clicking through his group came across the discussion ‘Brands are now defined as the sum of all conversations? hosted by David Alston of Radian6. I think it is a good definition thought I would argue that brands have always been defined by the conversation, just not recently. But I’m not sure its just conversations.

Another brand definition I have spent some time thinking about is ‘A brand is a collective perception in the minds of consumers’ by Faris. How we each perceive and reflect the brand creates the intangible result. I’m currently reading Herd and really digging into the idea that we define a brand (and ourselves) through others.

If I combine the two, it is through conversations we are able to construct the idea of the brand. So why something is being said to define a brand is just as important as what is being said. So while it is the some of all conversations, it is also the reason why all those conversations are being said.

Another piece that will have a reflective property on what and why will be who it is being said to. I’ve been looking into The Strength of Weak Ties and this post that discusses ‘Weak Ties and Diversity in Social Networks‘. I have been pondering both the effect of weak vs. strong ties and the language we use within the ties have on defining the perception of a brand. Social Media and the Social Graph are adding some interesting behavior against week/strong ties. For example, who has more recommendation pull and why – the Facebook group for board game geeks vs my local social friends.

So where does this all lead? I think that for mass reach advertising to still be effective in enhancing the brand effectiveness on consumer purchase behavior the advertising has to communicate an understanding and language that aids people in constructing recommendation conversation across both their weak or strong ties. More musing on this is a bit…