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Search the Social Media blogosphere with this handy custom search

So I saw this idea on the Account Planning Social Network that Michael Johnston of Things do not change, we change made two custom Google searches for Trends and Research. He got the idea from MisEntropy who created a search for the plannersphere blogs. And because I really needed to procrastinate at work right now…I made one for the Social Media blogosphere. I used the 103 blogs contributors from the book The Age of Conversation plus adding a few like Techno//Marketer, Influential Marketing Blog
and Noah.

I’m posting the code in the comments section so you can add the search to your site. If you know of other blogs that should be in the search list, post in comments and I’ll get them in. I’ve uploaded the code to a txt file, I can’t figure out how to post the code – socialmediasearch.txt. Actually, go here to get the code.

Update: Or, better yet…how about a custom search for the Top 150 Ad Age blogs (as of 10.23.07). You can go here to get the code for this search.

Update #2: I made a twitter one just for giggles…I’m sure someone will find a use for it. I know you can do this in google already…but a nice box makes things easier. Get code here.

Social Media Blog Search

Ad Age Top 150 (All 475)

Twitter search