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Getting content organized for ’08

I started to clean the small mess (normal living mess) my apartment today (working off post new years eve) I realized what mess really bothered me was the mess my social media, media, etc, content was in. My Google Reader was a mess, feeds were stored all over the place with barely any type of meaningful reasoning., the same way. On top of that I’ve always been bothered that I wasn’t being efficient in how I surfed and saved online content.

So I took some of Steve Rubel’s Become a Ninja with Google Reader post to heart and made some changes. I can already tell a difference. Here is a couple of clever things I figured out today.

  • Clipmarks is great for grabbing those interesting tidbits on the fly.
  • Tumblr is great for mashing all your interesting content (clips, flickr, into one place…which then puts into one feed.
  • Shared feeds” Edited content choices…luv it. One thing though, beware the echo chamber…
  • Tagging in Reader is a must habit
  • Search in Reader is great

Here is how I tie it all together with Google Reader becoming the main nerve center. The key being that Google Reader is searchable. Because I will remember something about a certain post that mentioned something about measurement and engagement and ninjas…but have not idea where to start. Now I can search my feeds and usually find it in a couple of clicks. Using clips from Clipmarks I can grab interesting quickly. I then take my Clipmark feed and dump it into my tumblr. I guess I could just put the Clipmark feed into Google Reader as well, but dumping on tumblr lets me publish Clipmarks (along with other content mash) to my blog because tumblr has a javascript (right now its on the very bottom right…I’m still working on my blog theme/organization).

And not only is my content searchable in Google Reader but tagable as well. Lots of times I read things that sparks ideas for a project for a client but can’t act on it right away. So I will clip it, it will show up in my feeds, I can tag it ‘Subaru idea’. Now that there are RSS feeds for tags I can share my client ideas with different team members on my agencies internal blogs. You can see where I am going with this, automated publishing. Kind of sweet.

I still need to work on cleaning up my feed labels, but I’m already feeling pretty good about the setup. Hopefully this is just the beginning to positive habit changes in 2008.

Update: Tasks in Gmail from Remember The Milk is a nice add on.