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Twitte: whatever, trends of 2008 (pre-post), thoughts on branding

Wow, 2008 started out with a bang at work and the work load caught me by surprise.  I’m getting it sorted out, but my ’08 resolution to write/blog more has already fallen by the wayside. Besides the work load, a small trends project I was working on in my spare time has turned out to be anything but small. So the consequences of spending more time invested (those who know me, know the vest joke) in both work and this project has pulled me away from twittering and FB.

And you know what…it’s actually really nice. As much as I love twitter, I would just love a digest of it. I’m sure that is an idea for a start up. Plug your twitter friends list in to a website and get a weekly post of what they were talking about. I know, I am the poster child for the attention economy. And as far as I am concerned with Facebook, go poke yourself.

My personal project I have been working on is compiling all the trend posts I’ve found through Google Reader and developing my own presentation. I know, everyone does that. I’ve done it on a small scale in years past, but this time I’ve worked at pulling a larger cross-section of different disciplines and their 2008 prediction lists. I’ve found some of the cross-over themes really interesting.

One theme I’ve come across is ‘thoughts on branding’. Multiple disciplines seem to all have thoughts on brands…much more than years pass. General thoughts have kind of come down to the re-emergence (?) of product as the important cue for the brand, not the intangible idea the consumers create. Some general discourse points I’ve found along the way  –

  • Stop selling brand, start selling product
  • Products need to lead
  • Focus more on the effects and results of the product in relation to the consumer of the product, not big “B” brand
  • Brand is created by consumers who use the  product
  • Consumer and products are in a constant state of engagement, so context and relevance for you product message are more important than ever (notice, I didn’t say brand message)

Those are just some of the points I’ve slowly tied together. I’ll post a current version up here soon for anyone to comment on, help add to. If all goes well I will get the work load a bit more manageable and have the full trends post out before 2009… :)