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it was a nice likemind.min 1.18.08

likemind.min was yesterday morning and we had a great turn out. We had close to 20 people, 4-5 new faces again. I’m a little nervous what will happen when everyone will show up.

While co-host Sarah and I had throw out the topic of discussing trends/predictions of ’08, the conversation quickly wandered in its own direction. Check the likemind.min twitter to get a quick idea what we were chatting about…but with some many different conversations, it was hard to twitter any centralized them.

Next month we will be celebrating out 1 year anniversary of likemind.min. Reflecting back over the last year they have been several nice surprises that have come out of this group. Now I can trade emails with likemind around the world. Hopefully in ’08 will do some traveling to meet some of them. Was able to pull a conference panel together through likemind connections (how I got to meet Noah). But what I like the most about our group is that it has stayed true to the main idea – a non-agenda meet up of people who are likeminded.

Stay tuned for likemind.min celebration details…don’t worry, it won’t be at 8am.

likemind.min 1.18.08 006 likemind.min 1.18.08 003 likemind.min 1.18.08 001