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It wasn’t my idea (good news, I’ve been promoted)

I read announcements on other blogs…but now that I have the same announcement, it’s a weird post to write. As of last week:

New title – Consumer Engagement Research Strategist

New responsibilities – I have a team to craft and grow

New challenges – Help brands and their messages engage with consumers

We are building/transitioning at my agency and it is a exciting time to be here. I want to thank those who are giving me a chance to help to tackle the challenge of creating something new.

Not to get too sober, but had a chance to reflect this weekend over the last two years. Done somethings right, did somethings wrong. Felt a bit of a growing (and dare I say it – maturing) sensation the last couple of days. Need to put on the leader boots my mother always said I had. Need to release a bit of the ego that I thought I needed to get things done (I know, that’s a bit to admit). Need to always remember to never stop dancing so I never grow old.

Looking forward to all the challenges ahead. Once again, thanks to those for the opportunity.