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Blogging with 9 fingers

Ok, I got what I deserved. I was trying to show off a bit…some clever onion cutting skills to some friends I had over for dinner last night and boom, there went a chunk of finger. I just shake my head because it was totally my fault. Not paying attention. It was my index finger (as highlighted in the pic)


So it has made typing interesting at the very least. And yes mother, I could have gone to the hospital…but I didn’t really see the point. The chunk of finger was gone. There was nothing they could really “stich” back together. And I had dinner guests showing up. I mean, 3 hours in the emergency room for fancy band aids vs. a nice Rioja I had just opened? I think we all would agree I made the right decision.

The blog has been a bit messy lately. I have smiplified things. Matt Dickman was passing through Minneapolis earlier this week and we both shared similar eye rolling to certain areas of social media land. In doing so, I realized that while yes, my blog is my new resume – my blog is also me. Moving forward, this is going to be a mix bag of thinking+life.