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Serve me a chance to participate

I know, long time no blogging. Life does that.

But saw this today, Bookmarkable Banners with Reminders over at Ad Lab blog…and could not stopping thinking, yes, this is what I want…this is what will help me.

The example above is an ad for what looks like a music event, but you can see how this format can work with any date-based information: promotions, coupons with expiration date, sales and so on. To quote from an email from Spongecell, “We’re adding our Add to Life technology to a standard IAB advertisement to make it easy for a consumer to easily move relevant content from an advertisement into the tools they use every day – Calendar, Social Network, Mobile device or home page – think of it as a bookmark for an online campaign.”

Putting in context some of my online behavior, you’ll understand why I like this idea and wish we would see more of it. Online content…no matter what it is, I’ll “pull” it – i.e. I’ll grab something I like, I’ll save it for later.. Most of the time I’m just scanning content online (which I think is becoming the norm for most of us). What I mean by scanning and pulling:

– I’ll click a link to open in a new tab in Firefox…read it when I get to it.
– I’ll mark a scanned RSS item in Google Reader for later (and tag it), just noting it in my brain.
– I’ll tumble something if I think it’s clever, to have to look at later.

I rarely click and read something right on that click. Content for me is always pulled and pushed around when I want to deal with it. I think more and more online behavior is moving towards that. So when I saw the ad on AD Lab blog that basically setups up a reminder/save this for later/pull type of ad…I was like – YES! This is what I want. If your add gets my attention, let me pull it somewhere for me to save it, grab it when I need it again. Let me see the new cool shirt or whatever, and even though I might not be in market to buy right then, let me save it for when I am. I think most ads should offer this feature. Of course this would alter search…because would I search my ‘saved ads’ for a t-shirt first or online in general. Ahh…the can of worms.

ps – the coffeeshop is playing Iggy Pop right now. I have a secret love Iggy Pop music.

Update: Thoughts for myself…After thinking about this more, I think I have several other links that could prove this would be good for online consumer in general. I’ll try to write up more soon.