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And those were excellent fishsticks

I love my homemade fishsticks…so good, so tasty. So this is my blog. I know, long time, no blog. If you look back on my posts…you’ll see that general theme. Life gets in the way, unless you make a blogging schedule. Which I plan to do. And because I plan to blog more, this blog is going to be just about whatever I want. I’ll admit, I once that I was going to be a cool kid social media blogger of all things social media awesome. But, let’s be honest, there is enough of that on the internets as it is.

This blog is going to have stuff about me (for my family), stuff about my work (because I do dig the internets/digital world/social media land), and whatever else I chose.

So, come along for the ride or just stop by and enjoy the lemonade in the shade everyone now and then – you’re always welcome.

Alright, two things. I’ve got to get up and going better than it is. I feel like it is important to practice what you preach. That is my family’s beef selling website. And it has a Facebook fanpage. And a twitter account. But besides having all that, you know what I think is important for people in my field? To get out there and try to sell something – for real. Like, seriously stand and a farmer’s market and hawk your wares (which I might add…the beef is excellent, I highly recommend you try some). But I think lots of us in the internets/digital/social media field (and advertising for that matter) loose site of what it means to really sell/connect with consumers. So yeah, I’ve got to get Sawyer Beef off the ground.

FYI – along the lines of practicing what I preach I recently have become a community social media manager for an art gallery. My friends with the gallery mean a great deal to me, so I want this to succeed as well. So, add Rosalux Gallery twitter and then go to there site, visit the gallery and buy some art already. If you don’t like the art, buy it and give it to me :)

Oh, and have you see me here yet? Hi Mom!