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More fragmentation, more opportunities – Interesting media evolution

Nascar Handpicks 28 Websites to Cover Races

I think this article is worth a read for a couple of reasons… it points to an interesting side of the evolution of media. Because of the financial impact of both newspapers folding and newspapers (along with other publishers) not being able to send reporters to cover the races Nascar realized that they needed find a new way to get coverage to help keep fans informed/enthusiastic about the sport. They opened it to find top sites that covered Nascar and give them passes to races.

This has impact on several areas of our business.

Media – we know that traditional publishers are dying. This could really impact the fragmentation of “eyeballs”.
PR – Traditional reporters are losing both their “voice” and “ access”.
Digital – There is more content to aggregate, more opportunities to help fans find and access the content.

Brands – Could “sponsoring” reporters, i.e. give them money to help them just cover events, be way to develop relationships with a “publisher” and their readers.

What are your thoughts?