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Need inspiration? Follow the money

At work I was asked to contribute to a white paper on “what provides you with inspiration” with further direction that “blogs are not allowed”. One of my colleagues shared that she picks a new place she wants to visit each month and researches it online like she was going there.

Clever. I like that and may steal it.

So I had a think as to where I take my mental breaks and get inspiration…besides blogs and RSS feeds. Looking back on my behavior over the last couple of months – I get a lot of inspiration from reading Smart Money and Fortune Small Business. I tend to read those magazines cover to cover. Why? Because from them you can read several different packs of tea leaves from several different angles. For example in this month’s Smart Money there is an article about the housing marketing – What’s Your House Really Worth?. Now, I haven’t read the entire article yet but the part of the article that got me thinking was how new home purchasers are using mortgage data pulled from multiple internet sites to make their offers – and getting great deals. Then they had a side bar reviewing the different sites.

What peaked my interest is how the internet is exposing data and the changed behaviors we have because of it. That there is enough data, accessible in a way for the average user to make a smarter decision about anything. I wonder if I need to make a t-shirt that says, “Did you check your internet before making that decision?”

I kid about that…but really, how many smarter decisions could we make if we would look at internet first?. I mean, I love my android barscan app to price check wine to compare prices and read reviews (although, hasn’t stopped me from buying it at that location yet…but I’m sure it will soon)

I like reading Smart Money and Fortune Small Business because it tips me off to the innovative ways people are solving problems around the business they create or the financial problems they are solving. You can learn a lot from what others are being successful at, and re-purpose that to ideation in your own life. That is one of the places I get inspiration. Thinking about it, I should probably ad the Economist to that list.

And no, this post was not solicited by either magazine