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Does how we feel impact how we want to shop?

Feelings – we got them.

This research I did end of 2014-heading into 2015. It was part of an ongoing thought stream I’ve had for awhile – thinking around what are common/standard dimensions we should have when putting together modern personas. Which, if you pull that back a bit, the bigger question is, what does role does a persona play in developing communications experiences. Should they have a larger impact further up-stream in the strategic process/prioritization? Or further downstream, focused on inspiring creative ideation? I digress…

Back to the research. This was an interesting attempt to catch people to think about what kind of mood they were in and then cross-tab that with channel experiences/usage/preferences. In the research we called the differentiators ‘moods’, looking back I think they are just variations of archetypes. However, it did point to some directional findings that based on what a person was feeling about what they were shopping for – say anxious or confident, impacted their channel and experience preference.