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Self-Driving Cars: interesting Scenarios and Ethical thought starters

I don’t know yet, but sure I will appreciate that I can sit and do whatever as a car drives me on a 250 mile road trip.

But…what I do think would be cool is an always on Valet. Get out of your car, the car goes and finds itself a parking spot. That’s clever.I can just press a button on my app and my car shows up when I’m ready to go.

Someone could even write an optimizer. I’m willing to wait and extra minute, car, if you can find a parking spot under $2. Clever indeed.

And then there is the NPR story about how policy is thinking through self-driving cars, the challenge between the stroller and the grocery cart. If they are both the same size and the car has to hit one, how does it know which to hit. This could be the moment when machines actually turn, well, Data-of-Star-Trek-Next-Generation on.